2024 Crawfish Season

The 2024 crawfish season is off to a very slow start in Louisiana, with limited availability and record high prices for the time of year. The intense heat and drought from 2023 is to blame. The main season, March-May, will likely be a challenge across the industry, with lower than normal supply and higher than normal prices. We have the connections to bring live crawfish to Dothan like past years, but this year will probably be a bit more expensive and ordering ahead of time via our online store will be more important than ever. We’re hoping to start our season by the beginning of March, assuming the catch in Louisiana increases. Stay tuned!

Peak Crawfish Season

A look at a sack of “selects” boiled on April 29, 2023.

We’re rolling through the peak of crawfish season. The size has been a steady medium mix on our regulars and a large mix on our selects. Our crawfish come in overnight Friday, so they’re fresh and lively when you pick them up Saturday mornings in Dothan. This time of year is great since the weather is still pleasant and the crawfish shells haven’t gotten too hard. Prices are likely at the bottom of what we’ll see this season, so if you’re looking to boil, now is the time!

New Location For 2023!

We’re happy to announce a new location for 2023! We’re moving around two blocks west of where we’ve been the past few years, now located at 237 N. Brannon Stand Rd., Dothan, AL. This is a very convenient location, near the intersection of Brannon Stand Road and Highway 84 (West Main Street). You’ll find us at the green building for pick-up days.

Our growth means we now have the ability to handle even larger, bulk orders for the 2023 season. We’re also taking steps to ensure even higher quality of live Louisiana crawfish, with complete tracking from the local crawfish farms in Louisiana, straight to our location in Dothan, Alabama! Our offerings will include regular straight-run, plus selects (washed and graded large crawfish), peelers (small crawfish) and as the season progresses, super-select, which are hand-graded and selected extra large crawfish if you really need to WOW family, friends or clients! Many thanks for your support since we started this venture back in 2016 – can’t wait to serve you in 2023!

2023 Season!

Who else is ready for crawfish season?! ?‍♂️ We anticipate starting in January or February. We’re excited about our improvements for this year with a new location coming, a commitment to bring even better quality to the Wiregrass and the ability to handle even very large, bulk orders, in addition to our full, half and mini sacks. Our 2023 season will be our 8th since moving to Dothan from Louisiana! Live Louisiana crawfish is what we do, offering a great product at the best prices. Thanks to all of our loyal customers since 2016 and for those of you that haven’t tried us yet, we hope to see you in 2023! Easy online ordering, transparent pricing and quick pick-up weekly. Follow us on Facebook for updates or right here at cajunrootscrawfish.com. ??

Lowest Prices Of The Year!

Late-April into early-May always features the best prices of the year for live Louisiana crawfish, along with some of the best quality overall. We’re bringing over live crawfish from Louisiana weekly, with our main pick-up window Saturday mornings. However, if you need crawfish on a Thursday or Friday, let us know and we’ll arrange that for you! Great quality at the best prices around – crawfish is what we do, it’s our focus, it’s in our name and our goal is to spread some Cajun flair to Dothan, the Wiregrass and beyond! Thanks for all your support!

Prime Season Ahead

Our boiled crawfish from Saturday, March 12, 2022

The next two months represent the prime Louisiana crawfish season. We’re bringing over live crawfish weekly, with ordering open each Monday afternoon on our website, with pick-ups Saturday mornings. The size will increase, while the price should come down, especially after Easter. There are a lot of variables involved in each crawfish season, with weather usually being the main challenge, but this bout of inflation and sky-high gas prices add even more uncertainty. Like always, we doing all we can to keep our prices down so you can enjoy those awesome spring crawfish boils! There’s nothing like them!

2022 Season

We’ll be back soon for our seventh season in Dothan! If you’re new to Cajun Roots Crawfish, let’s give you a little background. A job relocation in 2015 from Lafayette, Louisiana, the heart of Cajun Country, to Dothan, Alabama, led to the creation of Cajun Roots Crawfish. Live crawfish weren’t available in Dothan and coming from Louisiana, life without crawfish just isn’t the same! Thus, we were incorporated in February 2016 and have been bringing over live Louisiana crawfish every season since.

We don’t have a typical storefront with consistent, staffed hours. Rather, we keep our overhead costs low and pass the savings on to you, focusing on bringing the freshest live crawfish to Dothan during set times each week. Normally, our pick-up times are Saturday mornings, delivering Friday’s catch, so you know it’s fresh! We operate on the back side of MeLeod’s, a great local bar on the west side of Dothan, just off Hwy 84. We accept orders online with payment through Square, a safe, established website for small businesses. Pick-up is quick and easy, with prepaid sacks placed in your cooler as you drive-thru. We sell by the full sack and half-sack only, not by the pound.

Don’t let the lack of a fancy storefront fool you – we’re focused on live Louisiana crawfish with the best prices and quality possible! We’ve been around the industry since 2005 in Louisiana, but we’re local to Dothan now, heavily vested in our local community. If you love crawfish and haven’t tried us yet, we hope to serve you in 2022! -David

Looking Good!

Our live Louisiana crawfish on March 27 were great! The size is getting bigger, with a nice medium/large mix. We’ll be taking orders starting Monday for Easter Weekend. This will be done a little different, with pick-up on Good Friday morning from 9-10 am. Many people like to boil on Good Friday, so we’re making them available. They’ll hold for the weekend, just make sure to keep ice on top of the sack in a large cooler, with the lid cracked and the bottom drain open so they’re not sitting in water. Price update to come on Monday.

Price Drop!

We’re taking orders for live Louisiana crawfish for pick-up Saturday, March 27, from 11 am to noon. There’s finally been a price drop, plus the size increased last week. The warmer weather across the South is definitely helping! Choose between a full sack or half-sack. You can also choose to pre-pay, or you can select the option to pay the total with cash at pick-up. We look forward to serving you some Cajun goodness!

March 13 Orders

We had a great first week on March 6 and are ready for our Saturday, March 13 pick-up! We’re pushing the pick-up time back to 11:00 am to noon to allow extra drive time. This will allow us to bring you live Louisiana crawfish that were swimming in the ponds Friday morning…Saturday morning! Super-fresh! The price is holding steady this week, but with warmer air across Louisiana, the supply should increase over the coming weeks and the price should continue to come down. The size is running around a medium-mix. Those first boiled crawfish of the season tasted SO GOOD, so time to get your boil on! That picture below is from Saturday. The weather looks great this weekend, partly cloudy and lower 80s. You can order online and choose to pre-pay or pay with cash at pick-up. Order a full-sack (31-36 pounds) or a half-sack (15-18 pounds), we have you covered!