March 13 Orders

We had a great first week on March 6 and are ready for our Saturday, March 13 pick-up! We’re pushing the pick-up time back to 11:00 am to noon to allow extra drive time. This will allow us to bring you live Louisiana crawfish that were swimming in the ponds Friday morning…Saturday morning! Super-fresh! The price is holding steady this week, but with warmer air across Louisiana, the supply should increase over the coming weeks and the price should continue to come down. The size is running around a medium-mix. Those first boiled crawfish of the season tasted SO GOOD, so time to get your boil on! That picture below is from Saturday. The weather looks great this weekend, partly cloudy and lower 80s. You can order online and choose to pre-pay or pay with cash at pick-up. Order a full-sack (31-36 pounds) or a half-sack (15-18 pounds), we have you covered!

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